• Handmade shoes Made in Italy
  • Every shoe made by hand
    is precious, unique and inimitable
  • Footwear that you'll love
    at the first fit

Taurus Shoe Factory, handmade shoes Made in Italy

A sophisticated and timeless design, a craftsmanship processing that requires mastery.
The ingredients that transform the collections offered by Taurus Shoe Factory in a sober elegance pass!


Artisan tradition and skilled hands create year after year a product that we in the family call "healthy", because it's done with love that distinguishes a genuine craftsman.

All the production phase of the footwear is performed in one location: from the choice to the purchase of raw materials, to their processing and assembly, until they became the current ARTISAN SHOES made in Italy.

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The production and the collections of TAURUS Shoe Factory adapt to the times and the needs of its customers, while preserving the Italian craftsmanship processing and providing the market with products made from IDEAL processing, which brings flexibility and comfort to the shoe, and from BLAKE processing, that makes the shoe strong and durable over time.

Footwear that you'll love at the first fit

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